If you want to last in this space and get rich instead of losing your ass then you have to do some very important steps first to even ensure a chance at making this dream a reality. You see most don’t even have the basics down and instead jump into some bullshit program. You don’t need the most advanced trading course on the planet to profit. I am here to help and assist you. Consider me your expert in the crypto space and help you shortcut to success in a matter of time.

The main reason to be involved in crypto is not just for the lucrative once in a lifetime opportunity but to be in a world free from banking and allow much more secure transactions.

If you have ever thought about getting involved in crypto or maybe you have had a bad experience you have found the right site. Many people get burned when they are new and not knowing or grasping the basics. That is ok as long as you have learned your lesson and are really ready to move on. Don’t quit at this as this your ticket to a possible amazing dream future that you have dreamed of but first you must grasp the basics. I talk to a lot of people each and every day and most don’t even have the basics down.

Crypto Wallets 101

The very first most important and critical step is creating a crypto wallet to store your digital assets . Don’t just leave them hanging on the exchange like coinbase as this is not your crypto currency until you remove it off the exchange . You don’t hold the keys to your crypto, the exchange does. ” No Keys No Crypto! “.

When you have your own wallet you are in control of your wealth. It gives you a chance to monitor the balance and secure your wealth with peace of mind. You can sleep much better knowing that you own and control the crypto you own. “Leaving your bitcoin on coinbase is like leaving your money in the bank” which is not wise at all.

Creating and managing a crypto wallet is very easy and basic but most don’t even do this critical step. I am going to go over the best wallets you should be using from the most secure to the ones that are ok when you are starting out on your crypto journey . There are different types of wallets from hardware wallets, hot wallets, paper wallets, cloud wallets, and desktop wallets.

My main favorite wallet is called a Ledger Wallet which is a hardware wallet. They have two main versions , the Ledger Nano S and the Ledger Nano X. Both are rock solid. The ledger Nano X has blue tooth and can hold a ton of different crypto currency’s . Both are excellent choices. Now if you just want to set up something really fast and are not putting tons of bitcoin or crypto on it you can use a hot wallet like EXODUS.IO or JAXX.IO. Another good one is called ATMOIC Wallet.

Buying Bitcoin 101

In order to get bitcoin you are going to need to buy some asap. There are fast and easy ways to buy bitcoin and there are longer more painful ways to get it. I will be covering them all! When you are new and just want to get some bitcoin fast as it is a cool experience I would recommend that you go with any of the following sites :

– Bitcoin ATMS

Now the more slower ways which are more of a process and can take weeks to get you all set up are exchanges like KRAKEN and GEMENI. There are tons of other sites that you can buy bitcoin but I am just sharing with what I have used and know of and are safe and legit. Of course you can find exchanges in your country as that can be a good option later on down the line when you want to dollar cost average into buying bitcoin or something like that.

But with localbitcoins.com you can buy and sell bitcoin. You can use this amazing site to buy bitcoin fast and sell it fast to your local currency and you are dealing with a person instead of a huge corporation. I really like the peer to peer . Also once you start buying and selling bitcoin on local bitcoins then you always have someone you can trust to buy and sell bitcoins which is very cool.

Crypto Security 101

here are some basic steps that you can do to ensure you are being safe when it comes to crypto.

-Always use Express VPN or another good vpn but I like Express VPN
-Always use Google authenticator for your exchange accounts.
-Always mix and mash your passwords and make them difficult , remember hackers love lazy people.
-Only use hot wallets for small amounts of crypto and when starting out.
-Never brag on social media on how much money you are making , you don’t wanna be a target .
– Split up your crypto assets on 2 or more cold storage wallets , better to do this route.

I have even more in depth stuff in my crypto ninja course but this is enough to get you rolling.

Earning with crypto currency 101

Now this is where most get it all wrong and lose their ass bad. You see many good marketers or sleezy marketers will post about the latest ponzi or crypto scam. Then all the masses flock into these programs like sheep to the slaughter. Trust me I did this way back in the day in 2015 and lost 4.5 bitcoin. It was a hard lesson but I did not repeat this mistake and I created Cryptoninja.info back in 2017 before the peak of the last bull run. Me and my students went on to make thousands upon thousands of life changing wealth and I am still living in Tropical Bliss!

So the main ways that I love to earn is through trading bitcoin, altcoins, and investing into rock solid projects and then selling them when they are at the peak of their market cycle. You can then cash out to Fiat and re invest into Real Estate , Gold, Silver , or any other business idea that you have been dreaming to start. You see many have the idea but don’t have the cash well crypto can be an amazing outlet to create wealth and focus on your dream biz. You are a lot closer to your dreams then you realize and would be wise to start today .

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