Buying bitcoin is very easy in 2019 as there are many many options.  Many of  my students have used Coin Mamma with no problems .  You can get your Bitcoin in hours after a quick verification. Don’t use Coinbase! 

The fastest way is to install JAXX.IO wallet on your computer & Buy your first Bitcoin at Coin Mamma.  Watch the video below for the quick tutorial.



Here are some alternatives for some weird odd reason you can not use coin mamma

Once you have some Bitcoin and you start trading with me you are going to want to cash your bitcoins out and spend some of your earnings.

For this I recommend two exchanges .

Keep in mind that the above two exchanges can take a week or longer to fully set up and get verified but once they are it will only take a day or two to cash out and have them send your money to your bank account.

Here is a cool post that can help you out too check it out


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